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The Limelight
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Friday, December 27, 2013

Neressa's Casting Couch 1 : Matt

We're always on the lookout for new talent in the SL Porn industry.  As luck would have it, new talent was dancing next to me at the club.  Matt is a very hunky guy with a sensitive side and a desire to please the ladies as I soon discovered when I invited him to my casting couch.  We filled the desert air with the wild sounds of our passion for hours.

Name: Matt Matt Silverstar
Country: I live in Oklahoma
Second Life Birthdate: Nov 13 2006 (7 years)
What is your Sexual orientation:  I am straight as an arrow ;)
What was your first Sexual experience in SL like?: I would was okay...but its been a learning experience. there are so many things you have to learn.  I would say....the most interesting about the learning was how to communicate and describe and write.  I think that's the key in any sexual experience.
What made you want to get into Porn: The desire to make something that others will enjoy....the pure sexuality of having very hot people together
What Won't you do:  I would not accept playing with another guy.....outside of that...I'm pretty much open..
What’s your wildest Sex Fantasy: my wildest fantasy would be being tide to a bed....and every bit stimulated and ever hole filled would be a start





























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