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The Limelight
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Friday, January 3, 2014

Neressa's Casting Couch: JD

JD is a majorly hunky Cowboy who graciously agreed to come down and join me for a nice little interview.  Afterwards, he showed me how a real cowgirl rides her stallion.

Name: JohnnyDark Dagger
Country: North Carolina, USA
Second Life Birthdate: 4/12/2007 (6 Years)
What is your Sexual orientation: straight
What was your first Sexual experience in SL?:
JD (johnnydark.dagger): hmmm let me think a second
JD (johnnydark.dagger): I think it was in a strip club where I was stripping a woman liked the way I looked and asked me to the beach where we had fun on a towel
Neressa (torque2100): Hee hee sounds like it was a good time.
JD (johnnydark.dagger): I had a frenis on at the time lol
Neressa (torque2100): Oh lol.
JD (johnnydark.dagger): it was back when adult parts where still comical
What made you want to get into Porn: two tenants on my land where having friends over and to tell the truth I hadnt seen so many beautiful ladies in one spot before and they invited me to join em
What Won't you do: water sports, scat, snuff films and age play

What’s your wildest Sex Fantasy: I would have to say multiple women tieing me down and taking advantage of me

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