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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Luckiest Day of this Life Part 1

Photo Pictorial starring Wes Eebus and Neressa as themselves. 
Story by Neressa.
(Important Notice:  All characters and/or actors who appear in our works are aged Eighteen years or older.)

Wes had a problem; a big problem.  In all his eighteen years of life he’d never had much success with Women.  Most girls he met either looked right through him, or treated him like he was something unpleasant that they had stepped in. The other guys at school pushed him around and Wes was never invited to the cool parties; shindigs that grew to near legendary status on his classmates’ Facespace pages.   Now, in his last year of High School, Wes was starting to despair that he’d ever get lucky. 

Wes was surprised to learn that a K'Tari woman was moving in to his neighborhood.  Humans often didn't get along with these Feline-like aliens, and the fact that the neighborhood would soon have its first non-human resident set the local sewing circles alight with gossip.    Wes As it happened, from the moment Wes saw the exotic creature that was Neressa, he was head over heels in love.  When he saw that she had an ad in the paper looking for a Pool Boy, he jumped at the chance.

Wes arrived early that day, hoping he might get lucky and catch Ms. Neressa sunbathing without a top on as she often did.

Little did he know, this was going to be the Luckiest day of his life.

"Hi Wes, you're here Early."  Neressa said as she pulled down her glasses, favoring Wes with a sweet smile.
Wes smiled nervously.   "I figured you'd want you pool clean as soon as possible, since it's such a nice day."  Neressa smiled back at him, it was so cute the way this human boy took every opportunity to wait on her hand and foot.  He was so like a Lost Puppy that way.  "Better get to it, then."

Neressa soaked up the sun, pretending not to notice when Wes snuck glances back at her.   She could tell the boy had the mother of all crushes on her, and it was so much fun to tease him.   Suddenly, a devilish idea wormed its way into her head.  Neressa stood and slowly started to untie her bikini top.

Wes bent over his work, trying desperately to hide the raging hard-on in his little swim trunks.  He stole another longing glance at his goddess, and what he saw made his heart skip a beat.  "Oh God, she's taking off her top."  He muttered under his breath.  She glanced back at him and cleared her throat, pointing at the pool.  "S-sorry, Miss Neressa!"  Wes shouted as he returned to his work, his cheeks turning pink.  

Neressa chuckled, lying down on her stomach to soak up the sun.  She could feel Wes' eyes on her.  Another woman might have told him to piss off, but Nere just couldn't help herself.  She loved to tease.

Wes walked around the to far side of the pool, carefully balancing on the narrow wall.  He moved the pool skimmer back and forth, pretending to work but his eyes were firmly fixed on Neressa.  She was like a vision of dark-skinned, snowy-haired beauty.  Wes was so enamoured that he didn't notice his feet were getting to close to the edge of the pool....

....until it was too late.

KER-SPLASH!  Neressa started up from the lounger  her eyes rapidly scanning for the source of the noise.  It took a moment for just what had happened to register, but Neressa's eyes widened as she realized what the dark shape at the bottom of the pool was.  "Oh my God WES!"  She screamed, leaping to the pool, her naked breasts forgotten

Neressa dove, pulling Wes up with her.  "Oh my God, Wes are you okay?"  Wes bobbed up to the surface, sputtering.  He dog paddled over to the pool stairs, spitting up water.  "Ahh I'm okay.  Just hit my ankle on the way down."  Wes tried to play it cool and failed utterly, he stood trying to get his bearings.  He didn't even realize  what had happened during his fall.  Neressa, however, did notice.  "That's not the only thing that happened."  Neressa said, pointing down. "Huh..?"  Wes followed her gaze and turned white.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry just let me find my swim trunks."  Wes frantically tried to cover himself, grabbing at his oversized cock.  His desperate efforts to cover it were too little too late. "Very impressive." Neressa cooed. She moved closer, sliding her arms around the boy's neck.  "Shut up and kiss me, you fool."

Wes protested weakly.  "But...I finish.."  Each time he started, Neressa silenced him with a kiss.  Grasping his hand, she gently tugged him over to the towel.  She kissed him deeply, lustfully, her hot tough tongue tangled with his.  Wes stopped resisting and kissed back, his tongue flicking back against hers.  They broke the kiss, and Neressa fixed him with a smoldering gaze.  "Tell me, Wes.  Is this your first time?"  Wes turned beet red.  "Well.... yeah."

Neressa giggled.  "I thought so. I'll have to remember to be gentle with you."  She straddled Wes, gently raking his narrow chest with her claws and purring.  Wes gasped and moaned softly trying to keep his cool as his cock swelled and hardened against her.

Neressa started to grind down against We's bare crotch.  The vibrations of her purring and her warm body against his soon had Wes at full mast.  "Just relax and do everything I tell you."  Wes nodded slowly, and Neressa began to kiss her way down his chest.

Wes dropped his head back and moaned loudly.  Neressa's mouth engulfed him, the feeling of her hot, wet mouth surounded him, making his body shudder in pleasure.  We's cock was already so hard it was almost painful.  When Neressa licked her way up his hard shaft, it sent shockwaves up his spine.  

Neressa purred, her platinum hair bobbing as she twisted her head from side to side.  Wes was already throbbing and the sensation of her purrs vibrating his cock must have been excruciatingly pleasurable.  The air filled with loud slurps and sucks as she teased Wes more and more.  

Neressa pulled Wes' cock free from her mouth with a wet slurp.  "Feels good, doesn't it Wes?"  Neressa asked, grinning ear to ear.  Wes nodded, trying to regain his breath.  "Good, because I need some attention to."  Neressa rolled over and straddled him, tugging those bikini bottoms down.  Her pussy ground against his face, and Wes lashed out with his tongue, obediently licking her folds.

She moaned softly, her pussy getting wetter as Wes licked her over and over.  She continued to grind  her pussy against Wes' face.  Wes might have lacked experience, but he more than made up for it with enthusiasm.  Wes had heard somewhere that girls liked it when you hummed while eating them out, so he did.  He hummed and licked around frantically. It certainly seemed to be working as Neressa started to pant and moan over him.

"Mmmm fuck!"  Neressa cried out, riding Wes' face.  Suddenly she stopped and stood, pulling her wet nethers away from his face.  "Come, follow me."  Neressa took Wes' hand and lead him over to the sun chair.   Neressa climbed on all fours and lifted her tail, revealing her sexy little pink pussy and ass.  She gave Wes a smoldering look.  "Come on Wes.  Fuck me."  Wes gulped hard and gripped the base of his cock, sliding himself in from behind.

"Ooooh GOD Wes."  Neressa moaned and panted pushing herself back against him. His big cock stretched her so good.  Wes' head was down and he panted hard, beads of sweat ran down his forehead as he pounded her harder.  

The air filled with slapping sounds as their bodies smacked together faster and faster.   It seemed the power of speech had left Neressa and she moaned and mewled like a a cat in heat as Wes fucked her. 

They rutted like animals.  Harder, faster, filling the air with their lust.  Neressa's pussy was a series of tight, hot, wet rings that squeezed Wes mercilessly as they crashed together over and over.

Suddenly Neressa pulled away and lay down on her back, spreading her legs for him.   Wes eased himself inside without a second thought, his big cockhead grinding and mashing against her spot.  Neressa screamed in pleasure as he started to thrust.

Neressa squeezed her breasts hard, pinching her nipples as Wes worked her over.  She could feel him bottoming out in her pussy.  His hard cockhead  bumping her cervix over and over.

Wes was panting hard, and Neressa could feel she was close to the edge herself.  Not wanting to end the festivities so soon, she gently pushed him back.  His cock pulling free from her pussy.  She sat up and kissed him, gently raking his chest with her claws.  "Lets get out of the sun and fuck inside."

She reached down, gently grasping his throbbing, wet cock.  Using it like a leash, she tugged him along behind her into the house.

To be Continued

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