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The Limelight
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Casting Couch: ɢαvιɴ ѕσηα

Gavin Sona is a handsome, expressive and affectionate man I met at the Hard Alley Pornstar Party.  After spending a long, hot day at the pool together, we retired to my house for a very hot and heavy interview.

Name: ɢαvιɴ ѕσηα (girzila)

Country: usa and eastern time zone slt+3

Second Life Birthdate: 05/30/2013
(11 months old; 352 days)

What is your Sexual orientation: straight

What was your first Sexual experience in SL?: ɢαvιɴ ѕσηα (girzila): my rl best friend

 Neressa (torque2100): Who was she, what did you do?

 ɢαvιɴ ѕσηα (girzila): well we both have been hinting at liking each other for years but either one was taken or the other but umm her boyfriend was away in rl with his family and we had agreed if we had permission we would enjoy one another so we went to an adult romance sim and found a wicker bowl chair and we had enjoyed each other a few times.

What made you want to get into Porn?: I had thought it would be a fun outlet because i already did stripping and modeling for a furniture store but i wanted something i could really enjoy and i encountered Eva Brunswick at a club and i asked about it and from there its just history

What Won't you do?: No male male no scat or pee dismemberment no ageplay and no permanent death nor dolce.

What’s your wildest Sex Fantasy?:  Hmm id have to say lycan on human moving on the pure instinct to mate and breed

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