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The Limelight
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Luckiest Day of His Life Part 2

Neressa and Wes Eebus as themselves.
Story by Neressa (with a little help from Wes)

Neressa tugged on We's hard cock, using it like a leash as she lead him inside.  "Come on, just a little further." She cooed, keeping a grip on his wet, slick, pulsing shaft.  Wes followed her eagerly, his eyes half-lidded with lust.  They came to the couch and Neressa pushed him backwards onto it. Climbing up on top of him and straddling the boy.  Wes held the base of his cock, stroking it and holding it up for her.  "I'm going to ride you home, Wes."  She purred and then guided the thick shaft into her tight pussy.

Neressa rode him expertly.  Her hips bobbed up and down.  Every movement she made worked him deeper into her luscious, sucking channel then pulled his cock so hard.  Shock waves of Pleasure rippled up Wes' Spine.  The wet rings of Neressa's snug pussy milked and squeezed him unlike anything he had felt before.  Wes moaned and gasped as he pumped his hips up and down in a steady rhythm. 

Their bodies were smacking together so hard the air filled with a repetitive *clap**clap**clap* sound punctuated by Wes' soft moans and Neressa's wild cries of pleasure and shouted words of vulgar encouragement. "I must say, Wes.  You have AAAHHHN  impressive endurance."  Wes smiled up at her, gripping her hips and working her down onto his cock.

Neressa was panting hard, beads of sweat running down her face and chest.  This teenage boy had some serious staying power.  She could feel that familiar pulsing and tingling between her thighs and knew she couldn't last long.  "Ohhhh! Oh fuck baby! You're gonna make me cum!"   Her pussy squeezed down hard on Wes' cock as she came hard.  Her pussy squirting with the big cock still inside her.  Wes lifted his head, panting hard as her pussy squeezed him, and watched her squirt on his length.  "Ooooh shit.."  He moaned breathlessly.

Neressa rolled off of him, panting hard.  She got on all fours and licked his cock up and down.  "Damn Wes, your first time and you've made a Pornstar cum.  Good job."  Neressa giggled before engulfing Wes' impressive manhood in her lips.  Wes grunted as she sucked him, her rough tongue giving some irritation, but mostly pleasure.   Wes tossed his head back, moaning in pleasure and gripping Neressa's head as she sucked him deeper.

Wes panted hard, watching that platinum-haired beauty suck his cock.  He couldn't believe how much of him she made disappear with each bob.  Neressa was savoring each suck.  Loving the taste as his cock throbbed and squirted thick globs of pre into her mouth.

Neressa pulled Wes' cock free from her mouth with a lewd sound.  She gazed up at him sweetly, stroking the base as she spoke. "I'm going to lie down, and I want you to pound my pussy with this awesome rod until you can't take it anymore. "  Wes could only gasp and nod weakly.

Wes obediently guided himself back inside.  The hot tightness squeezed him once more, eliciting a loud gasp and moan from him.  Wes relentlessly thrust forward, sweat beading on his forehead.  Neressa moaned loudly, the sensation of her pussy stretching around his big cock was overwhelming.

Wes parted his mouth and gasped loudly. His hips rocked back and forth.  The air filled with loud Clapping sounds as their bodies crashed together.

Neressa's pussy was pulsing all around him. She moaned loudly as Wes pounded her Cervix over and over.  His fat cock throbbing inside her.  Neressa started to feel that familiar tingling sensation start in her belly, spreading down to the tips of her toes.  She was going to cum again soon.

"OOOOhhh FUCK!  Wes, you're gonna make me... CUUUMM!"  Neressa squealed loudly her pussy squeezing down on Wes' hard cock and convulsing around him as she squirted.

Wes panted harder and harder.  His hips continued to thrust into her squirting pussy over and over.  He grits his teeth, hilting himself inside her.

"You're gonna cum soon, aren't you Wes."  Neressa cooed.  Wes nodded, still thrusting frantically and panting hard  "When you do, I want you to cum on my face."

Wes was panting hard as he raced to his feet.  He obediently gripped his cock and stroked it hard and fast aiming the tip at her face.  "Mmm, good boy."  Neressa cooed as she gently rubbed his legs.

Wes groaned and grunted, working himself up and down.  "Oooh... Ms. Neressa. I'm... gonna!"

Wes clenched his eye throwing his head back.  He came with an almost audible Pop.  His thick, warm stream spraying out. The cum hit her face and then her chest with hot little splats.  Wes moaned hard and it just kept cumming....

.. and cumming....

...and cumming..

"Holy shit, Wes!  Are you trying to drown me?"  Neressa giggled under the constant stream.  She opened her mouth to catch some of the thick cum as it continued to pour out onto her.  Wes bit his lip hard, his eyes screwed closed as his body shook and convulsed with each shot.

"Mm-Miss Neressa!  I--- c-an't stop!"  Wes was shaking like a leaf, each thick shot of cum made his head snap back and his eyes screw shut. Neressa held her mouth open, each spurt either landing in her mouth or adding the mess on her breasts and face. 
Finally, the torrent slacked off.  Wes dropped to the couch panting hard.  Neressa slid forward, gently running her clawed hand up and down his legs.  She opened her mouth, showing him the big load he had filled it with, then closed her lips and swallowed.  "Aaaah.  All gone."  She started to play with the cum, rubbing it into her breasts and face as Wes blushed and stared sheepishly at the huge mess he had made.  "I'm... sorry about the mess."  Neressa giggled, "don't be.  You did a great job, Wes.  You have a bright future."  Wes looked confused.  "Future?  In... what?"  Neressa giggled.  "As a Porn Star silly."

Wes turned white as a sheet.

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